Green Thyme based at the Old Cafe. We run many joint activities, but look out for special events on the GT facebook page. They also run a small book exchange in the GT Hub building

Walk Well Derby Join the weekly Park 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5k round the perimenter path. These are guided walks where you can chat to new and old friends, and build your fitness levels. (And stay on for a coffee at the GT Hub)

Mashup Derby organise the weekly 5 or 10k Park Run on Sunday mornings. Meet at the notice board at 10.30am and stay on for a coffee at the GT Hub

Derbyshire Police FONP have asked for an increased Police presence on the Park. If you have any issues, please stop and chat to any Police Officers you see. They hold monthly Cuppa with a Copper sessions at the GT Hub on a Wednesday morning, and you can follow their Park visits on

Derby Homes provide us with support at events, and regular encouragement to keep us going